Infiltration in #TheResistance

#TheResistance must be vigilant. The #GOP conned their base by appealing to their emotions. They can and do use the same methods on us. Be cautious of individuals and organizations that are infiltrating our groups to gain counter-intelligence. If it seems off, it likely is. Generally, an infiltrator has four goals:

  1. Gather contact information of Democrats, #HRC Supporters or members of #TheResistance for marketing purposes or harassment
  2. Perform oppositional research on groups and leaders and keep tabs on our activities and knowledge
  3. Exploit fear and anxiety to discourage action, particularly the fear of retribution or violence
  4. Foster distrust and division within #TheResistance and within the Democratic Party

Take note of who one is following and who is following them. What type of information do they share? Do they refer you to a website that is gathering any kind of data? Are they trying to directly gather information? Asking people to email or text them? This is a low-cost method of gathering contact data. Be wary of anyone who claims to have insider knowledge that they can’t tell you because ‘it’s not safe’ or making vague claims they can’t validate.

Remember, fear, anger and anxiety is normal, but it makes us vulnerable targets for those who wish to bait us into giving up personal information that could potentially be used to undermine our efforts. Stay Strong! Stay Aware!

For a more detailed examination of Infiltration in the Resistance and what you can do about it, please read my article in Dame Magazine:  How Can The Resistance Ward Off Infiltrators?

Author: razzara

Mother, strategist, writer, advocate, activist. My education is in Anthropology and Philosophy. I am the Founder and Director of Democrats Work For America, a political action committee supporting grassroots organizations and initiatives.

8 thoughts on “Infiltration in #TheResistance”

  1. And it takes a true infiltrator to know another one right? 😉
    I see your controlled opposition and raise you a woke af anon.


      1. Uh huh. I already saw it before posting my original comment. Comment still stands. I know EXACTLY what you’re doing here, “Rachel”…..aka “Alaina”, “Joy”, and “Patricia”.

        See, here’s the thing….you may be able to fool some, but those of us who know what’s really going on out there aren’t as gullible as you think we are.

        But just in case you keep trying to feign ignorance, yes the Illuminati exists. Yes people actually DO get raised from the dead (however rare it usually is). And no, not all of the Rothschild genealogy is listed publicly. Especially Jacob’s real age when he finally kicked the bucket. None of that is listed publicly. And only amateurs are stupid enough to take everything they read online at face value. And that’s how the rest of us know that you’re either an extreme amateur wanna-be “investigator”, OR you’re in on it.

        And I see you not approving my other comment made on the same day as my previous one here. What are you afraid of, not being able to defend yourself?


  2. I have just read several of your articles about this, and I wish I had seen them sooner. Almost a month ago, I was followed on twitter by someone who DM’d me. They asked for my email and I sent it. Right after that my account was taken over. My profile and avatar were changed and one tweet was sent. Along with the help of Twitter support, I was able to fix it, but because I was suspicious of this account, I deleted my DM with my email address. Right after deleting it, they DM’d me again saying they had sent an email. It was a very long email with the bottom line being they wanted my name, location, times I was available, and lots of personal info. I ignored it. I did not unfollow and have read tweets they send, and they seem like a perfectly normal account. I don’t know if the taking over of my account was just a coincidence and I’m just paranoid or what but since reading your articles, I’m interested in your thoughts.


    1. While there are people that are genuinely just trying to organize Resistance groups, I feel there is no real reason for that much personal information to be necessary for social media activism. Organizing and information sharing is easily achieved through dm groups on Twitter or FB groups. I discourage organizers from requesting that kind of information. Established groups may collect email addresses for newsletter distribution, but that’s a bit different from giving a random person your personal info. I love the camaraderie and momentum of the Resistance, but online safety still needs to be a priority.

      One thing you can do, is to create a separate email account that you use specifically for signing petitions/activism participation, etc. It helps keep your other accounts safe.

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  3. I think that comment from “Amanda” is actually Hepzibah. Sounds exactly like something she would write about.


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