Charlatans Among Activists? Maintain a Level of Skepticism

Recently I wrote about the need to watch out for infiltrators in #TheResistance. In this article I will discuss a situation that raises a red flag and the reasons I feel skepticism is necessary. I want to be clear that it is not my intention to malign, accuse or ridicule, but to give guidance to fellow activists and supporters of #TheResistance.

In December, I became aware of a person, @OfficialNMP, who claimed to have ‘inside knowledge’ of the Trump family and the election. The tale she told was a full-throttle conspiracy theory — specifically, that billionaire, Jacob Rothschild, is responsible for Trump’s Presidency…as the leader of the New World Order. Take that, RWNJs, we see your Soros and raise you a Rothschild. Suffice it to say, the tale got stranger from there — ritual sex abuse, occult, Illuminati. It’s worth noting that it is her position that Donald Trump is POTUS against his will, but he must continue to protect Barron from continued ritualistic abuse. Somehow she managed to get brought into DM groups to tell this story, which is how I heard it. I ignored it at the time, figuring that peers would not believe it.

Recently, though, I noticed that there is an individual, @InsideDJTTruth, claiming to be her friend and Jacob Rothschild’s grandson, Robbie (Rothschild has no grandson by this name), who is echoing her tale and adding a personal account of abuse. He’s gaining followers pretty fast. @OfficialNMP has over 30K followers since December. Pretty impressive. She also lists her phone number in her profile, and encourages people to text her — that’s unusual.

My initial concern was that they are distracting and confusing activists and resisters by pulling them into this conspiracy nonsense. Let’s face it, we are all emotionally distraught, which makes us more vulnerable than normal. We desperately want answers. I was also wary about the phone number, as that is a way to get people’s contact information. But, there is one more factor. In her profile, she says to follow @KalenaVX (an account which has disappeared as of this writing), which leads you to a website This website is a joint project between @KalenaVX and @OfficialNMP and is not officially launched yet, but the purpose, ostensibly, is to create a repository of activities related to #TheResistance and promote cooperation across groups. Sounds good, right? It does, but because it is collecting information on the people and activities of #TheResistance, I decided it needed a closer look. This is what I found.

  1. The domain is privately registered. So whoever owns the site has gone out of their way to hide it.
  2. @KalenaVX seems to be the same person as @KalelVX and @UniteResistance. Why so many accounts, I don’t know.
  3. @OfficialNMP has been involved in a lot of things and gone by a lot of names. She is a young revivalist pastor. She has listed herself as an actor/model, author, editor, spiritual advisor (to Obama-she says) among other things. She is a YouTuber. She believes she is battling the occult and in the center of the Trump/Rothschild/New World Order conspiracy. Oh, and, vampires are real and Jacob Rothschild is a shapeshifter. Now, all this said, understand that I know a lot of people who are following her and/or in direct contact with her. I find that unsettling.

So, at the point of this writing, I find myself having to ask the question. Are these people who legitimately mean well and are trying to help #TheResistance, but just happen to be…mentally unhealthy? Or, is this a well-orchestrated effort to befriend activists, gather counter-intelligence and pepper confusion and fear into the movement? Either way, this is precisely the type of situation I mean when I ask members of #TheResistance to remain vigilant.

One final note: We are seeing a lot of “rogue” and “alt” accounts crop up. Some of these are the real deal and some are not. Approach information with logic and skepticism. We are only as good as the quality of our shared information.

Article Update: I was right to have concern about @OfficialNMP. I have conducted a full investigation of this account and found it to be involved in catfishing. @KalenaVX , @KalelVX and @UniteResistance are innocent bystanders and have no culpability. website is no longer associated with @OfficialNMP and is not a cause of concern. You may read the results of the investigation in this article, “Cait-fishing” In The Resistance – An Exposé – Rachel Murphy Azzara.

Author: razzara

Mother, strategist, writer, advocate, activist. My education is in Anthropology and Philosophy. I am the Founder and Director of Democrats Work For America, a political action committee supporting grassroots organizations and initiatives.

9 thoughts on “Charlatans Among Activists? Maintain a Level of Skepticism”

  1. If you would like to ask me, Kalena or my husband Kalel a question, that would have been great! This slander against my family is horrific at a time when at the very beginning my only goal has been to unite ALL sides of the Resistance against Trump. Why you seem against that would only make you what I deal with daily which is a Trump Cult member. I am @uniteresistance changed from our original twitter account name @Kalel_Kalena which was shared together, my husband & I. If I need to contact my attorney to establish legitimacy and demand that you cease & desist I will.


  2. One more thing genius…ever think to LOOK at my twitter history? I’ve had my account since 2013 & it tells a story of all my progression to this point. If anyone needs to be concerned about who is infiltrating The Resistance it isn’t us it’s YOU.


    1. I wrote this article to exemplify “red flags” for individuals in #TheResistance – situations that one should approach with caution. I am sorry that you are upset by this, and you have every right to use this forum to explain your position; however, this scenario supports my point. If someone wants to do a joint project with you, then you should thoroughly research them first. Make sure they are who you think they are.


  3. This is Hepzibah (which IS my legal name – I got a name change. I’ve never lied about that) you, on the other hand, continue to slander me yet refuse to even speak to me. Maybe you should actually talk to somebody before attacking them. I’ve given you my number and email but you don’t want to address me. You’re like the high school bully that starts rumors but doesn’t know a person.
    Jesus loves you i hope you come to Him and stop harassing innocent people, Rachel.


    1. Hepzi, I am not harassing you. If you are going to put extreme claims on the Internet and conduct yourself in the manner that you do, then you have to expect a response. My article is based on your social media and public information. I put nothing as fact that is not fact. Truthfully, I am very concerned about you. Are your parents aware of all this? Unblock me and dm me privately. I can assist you in getting help if you need it.


  4. I contacted Caitlyn Nanna’s parents via mailing them over 65plus pages of their daughters scams. Her parents & recently moved to Westminster, Maryland from Villa Rica, Georgia. Daddy seems to move from job to job across state lines and is enabling his 28yr old unemployed daughter. Rachel has EVERY RIGHT to sound the alarm, Caitlyn aka Hepzi is targeting disabled folks n nurses, leaving a trail of emotional n financial destruction behind. First let me say several of us have filed FBI reports, and contacted DOJ n Homeland Security alerting them to #TeamAvocado latest scam, impersonating a plethora of famous connected politicians, celebrities n law enforcement, they pretended to be in our private GroupMe Chat…FBI Agents, DAG Rod Rosenstein( Uncle Rod, Rodster) MI6 Head Alexander Younger (Cap), Julian Assange, Paul Ryan, Gina Haspell, Michael Cohen(MC SilverFox), Hillary Clinton(Hizzle), Bill Clinton, Michelle n Barack, Roger Stone, Mike Pompeo, Rudy Guiliani, Stephen Miller, Carlos Ahmad Ortiz, Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, Sheppard Smith, Melania, Barron, Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric, Taylor Swift, General John Kelly, General Peter Pace, Lisa Rosenstein & Laura & Sammie Cohen. These are ones I can recall; some characters play a larger role. Currently victims still in the group truly believe they’re communicating with these people. “Rod” sent me intimidating texts, DMs n emails. Yes I fell deep into the scam and was coherced & encouraged to take in “Rose” Hannah Gill & her 3yr old child. A fake character KL even created a separate Group Chat room with myself & Rose to discuss this. I kept telling them my husband was against it. I hemmed and hawed. KL insisted Rose needed to be moved & was in immediate danger of being assassinated. He kept saying “we’re a family, we take care of our own”. I kept asking why she couldn’t go to a safe house & was told safe houses were run by cult, they blame the cult for EVERYTHING. Then Hepzi’s newest partner in Crime Sharyn Richardson AKA Sharyn Chen, Post, RogueJasmine, drove from Austin Texas to Florida & brought “Rose” aka Hannah Gill plus child to her home. I visited Austin in May 2018, spending a week there, something seemed off but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then late July Rose calls my crying cause Sharyn & her plus kids drove to South Padre Island, TX, got in a fight & Sharyn abandoned Rose & her child with apparently no $$. I then use my credit card to pay for a hotel for Rose & 2 bus tickets back to Austin. Rose repeatedly claims she’s scared when can I come get her. Unknown to me Rose was an impressionable young mom living with grandparents who was a victim initially but soon became involved deeply in orchestrating n expanding this scam. With cults your emotions take over and logic is lost. Against my family’s advice, I convinced hubby it would be only a few months. I drove to Austin and drove back with Rose & child. Gas, hotels there & back, meals. So began the financial bilking, Rose had ZERO $$(to my knowledge) no income, a 3yr old in diapers and slept all day. Then I was told she was DAG Rod Rosenstein’s niece via his halfsister. This intimidated me more, when “Rod” came into chat I kept asking why Rose couldn’t get into a safe house. Rod would brush off my inquiries. Enter Alexander Youngers MI6 Head, aka Cap who was dating Rose’s “real mom Autumn” ( fictional character). In October our bank accounts were compromised via transfers by Venmo and CoinbaseCheapsideGBR. Lucky for us I caught the transactions & our bank reimbursed us. Then I began receiving texts claiming I played their game and they’d deposit money in my account as I requested and murder Julian Assange & Hepzi within 48hrs. I freaked out called my bank. I then told Rose name a state I’ll buy her a bus ticket, she stalled claiming she had no place, I said I’ll take you to a Women’s Shelter. Finally Jan 2, 2019 after 5mos of supporting her plus child I sent her to Georgia. Bus tickets $478, shipping her belongings $285, plus other travels, winter wardrobes, toys, stroller, etc. LESSON LEARNED. Upon my exit from Teamavocado I’ve been publicly slandered on Twitter and in their NMP Blog. Accused of accepting $$, working for Red Mossad, BlackWater, laundering money, being a meth addict. I’ve repeatedly reported them to Twitter. They are still asking for $$$$ and some involved in group are mailing her prescription narcotics.
    Caitlyn-Hepzi, Sharyn, Hannah-Rose, Carla Oehme from Canada & Johnny Scott Matthes are the five running this scam to get $$$ & drugs. Hepzi is not sick, she travels all over the world, they all have except Rose. Johnny has a rap sheet, Sharyn is a confessed coke head, has bragged to others her dealer mails her coke. Hepzi whines she needs pain meds & money for ministry trips. Usually the casual mention of these needs comes on the heels of a visit in group chat by one of the powerful famous people they impersonate. They’ve now created a website SJLCOUNCILS.COM where they are also SELLING a Manual on Amazon that lists as part of High Council HRC, Michelle Obama, DAG Rod Rosenstein, MI6 Alexander Younger, FBI DIRECTOR Chris Wray, Michael Cohen. None of these people are involved nor have any connection to NMP, SJLGUARDIANS, SJLCOUNCILS.COM, #TeamAvocado. A group of us have been sharing experiences and gathering evidence. Reporting to law agencies and trying to help those being scammed. They’re very good at using Cult tactics to coherce, brainwash, intimidate, manipulate using Religion, Christianity, guilt, elaborate stories of rape, kidnappings, torture and murder. They relate these in graphic details in group chat. Hepzi claimed at age 6yrs her school nurse & Principal drugged her with LSD and forced her to stab to death an 8mos old baby named Matthew. Hepzi is OBSESSED with rape, torture and other very graphic sadomasochistic rituals often involving children. We were told they breed children to be used for Snuff films livestreamed on the dark web that billionaires pay $275K to watch. Yes we were told about Vampires & Shapeshifters and that it’s an FBI-CIA secret, basically they instilled fear if we breathed a word outside the chat group. They even claimed they astral killed a former #TeamAvocado member who they claimed was a witch. They claim to be Christians but they viscously attack ex-members, with public accusations & slander. Many members were fearful to leave because of this bullying and abuse. It reminds me of what happens when members from Scientology leave & begin to share the truth. THIS IS A CULT IN EVERY ASPECT, it’s also a Scam to get money for fake Ministry trips and drugs for their addictions. Beware.


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