Sorry Trump, You Can’t Fire Your Way Out of an Investigation

In a shocking display of authoritarianism, Donald Trump fired FBI Director, James Comey. Not since Nixon have we seen such an overt attempt to use the executive office to obstruct an investigation. This is not Trump’s first attempt to fire his way out of his Russian problems, having already terminated Sally Yates and Preet Bahrara.

Over the past 48 hours, the White House has changed it’s official story regarding Comey’s termination multiple times.  Unbelievably citing the FBI’s misreporting of forwarded emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop as the reason, Trump claimed this move was at the behest of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.  As it was Trump, himself, who asked Sessions and Rosenstein to draft the letters regarding Comey, Rosenstein threatened to resign over this misrepresentation. Despite attempts to distract from the obvious, this is clearly about the FBI’s investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election. In his bizarre letter notifying Comey of termination, Trump states:

“While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau.”

Rumor is that he told Comey he would be fired if he didn’t stop the grand juries, quite likely given that Trump and Comey shared a private dinner together in which Comey was asked for loyalty to Trump. Comey’s answer that he could only be honest was not exactly the pledge of support Trump is used to. (And yes, if Bill Clinton talking to Loretta Lynch on the tarmac bothered you, this should send you through the roof). If sources are correct that Comey was at the Rocket Docket in Virginia yesterday, submitting intel for expedition, he likely knew this was coming. Immediately following Comey’s firing, subpoenas were issued to Michael Flynn and his associates regarding their connections to Russia. Other sources have said that as many as 25 sealed indictments have already resulted from the grand juries. This looks more and more likely given yesterday’s FBI raid on a GOP campaign firm in Annapolis. Firing Comey will not stop the wheels of justice from turning, but, remember that a sitting President can’t be indicted. He will need to be impeached by Congress.

Speaking of Congress, it doesn’t appear that the WH and FBI were the only ones who knew this was coming. The last question Lindsey Graham posed to Sally Yates in her hearing on Monday was whether or not she trusted Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein. This was no coincidence, and served to pre-validate Rosenstein’s upcoming actions against Comey. This implies foreknowledge about Trump’s plan to have Sessions and Rosenstein write the letters against Comey–this is even worse when you remember that Jeff Sessions is supposed to be recused from anything related to the Russia investigation.

Democratic legislatures are calling for an independent investigation. Even many GOP members of Congress put out statements admonishing Trump’s abuse of power, but it’s worth noting that Graham is continuing to say there is no need for a special prosecutor, as is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Between their focus on leaking over treason during the Yates hearing and yesterday’s events with Comey, it couldn’t be more clear that the GOP is not capable of investigating this in a bipartisan manner. The people must demand an independent investigation. I encourage you to get involved in any way that you can and demand the truth. Remember, in Watergate, everyone went down except for Nixon. Trump is simply not worth it. Our country deserves answers and justice.

Why I Speak Out About The Resistance Every Day

Twenty years ago I was in New York, interviewing at Columbia University for graduate school. One evening I encountered a man on the subway speaking out about the closing of a local community center. He was young, but he appeared worn out, clearly having been at this a long time. He carried a petition and a sheaf of flyers, many which lay muddied and torn on the subway floor. With his free arm he wiped his forehead, pushing his hair away and nearly unseating his yarmulke, which was barely held in place by two silver snap-tight barrettes. He appealed to the riders again in a horse voice, speaking of the importance of community, the dangers of gentrification and reciting the expected statistics. But they, too, were worn from their day. No one even made eye contact with him. Perhaps he was just background noise that couldn’t penetrate their own thoughts, or perhaps they knew that acknowledging this man’s cause would somehow obligate them to do something about it. Maybe they had learned to ignore those who might burden them with their expectations.

His voice trailed off. Shaking his head, he made his way to the exit. As the doors slid open, he turned to face the other riders, “When you no longer recognize the neighborhood…When there is no community left, remember I was here today and I tried to do something.” With that, he exited the train and I watched the doors slide closed behind him. Glancing around, I noticed I was not the only one looking at the door. I wanted to call to him to come back so he could see what I was seeing. He had their attention, if only briefly. The passengers blinked in confusion and surprise, some looked uneasy, as if they just realized they may not have been paying attention to something important. For most, it was momentary, and they quickly returned to their books, newspapers, worries and reveries, but some remained contemplative, their eyes drifting to the flyers littering the floor. A few even reached down and picked one up. Something had happened. In his moment of candid frustration, he had awoken them. It gave me hope.

The morning of November 9, 2016, I was drowning in emotions–shock, fear, anger, blame, and exhaustion. How could this have happened? Did I not do enough? I had organized, strategized, made phone-calls, written letters, blogs, and endless posts. I had shared information, exposed disinformation, patiently debated, reminded people to register and vote. Before they left for school, my children asked me, “What are you going to do now, Mom?” I didn’t have an answer for them. This was supposed to be the end of the battle. I knew the true battle hadn’t even begun, and I felt desolate in the face of it; however, I kept thinking of the man on the subway all those years ago. As shocked and disappointed as I was in my fellow Americans, I knew I couldn’t give up on them. By the time my kids came home from school, I had an answer. “I am going to keep fighting.” 

I have kept fighting, as have millions of you. The Resistance was formed and it thrives. Little by little, the American people are waking up and standing up for themselves and others. It is not one battle, but an endless series of battles that require daily action and vigilance. And everyday I can say, “I was here today and I tried to do something.”

“Cait-fishing” In The Resistance – An Exposé

In a previous article, I raised red flags about online ‘activists’ who claim to have insider information. In particular, I raised concerns about the accounts associated with @OfficialNMP. Further investigation has revealed that not only are these accounts involved in catfishing, but that the associated individuals appear to be grifting.

In social media, a ‘catfish’ is someone pretending to be someone they are not, traditionally within the context of online romance. The intensity of emotions and social bonds formed within the Resistance carry a similar vulnerability to this kind of exploitation, particularly when it comes to those offering ‘insider information.’ We’ve seen many accounts crop up under these auspices. The names ‘insider’, ‘rogue’, ‘alt’ and ‘leaks’ will garner attention with little or no legitimizing information; however, for the most part, these accounts are face-value. There is no backstory, relationship building, or intricacies. Of course, one must consider both the veracity of the ‘leaked’ information as well as the motive of the account holder. With a political climate fraught with disinformation campaigns, one should always consider unsubstantiated claims with skepticism. It was this skepticism that led to this investigation.

Sample Social Media Profiles
Cait deactivates and reactivates her accounts often, usually at the same time. Reported accounts are quickly replaced.

This operation centers around 26 year old Cait Nanna (aka Hepzibah Nanna, Gem Jean, Caitlyn Nanna) of TN and 58 year old Johnny Matthes (a.k.a Johnny Jackson, Scott Jackson, Johnny Fuego) of CA. They are the ‘co-pastors’ of a revivalist ministry called The Lion Triumphs Ministry. Their digital footprint is widespread and comprised of a web of real and fake identities that span Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and GooglePlus among other platforms. With the help of a small team of researchers, I have conducted this investigation to protect the Resistance, but it is worth noting that the political left are not the only targets–her reach extends to sexual abuse survivors, LGBTQ, and revivalist/charismatic Christians. In conjunction with this exposé, the appropriate authorities have been contacted and provided with our research.

The Backstory

Cait and Johnny met in 2009 and both claim to have been born into the occult and subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Cait, in particular, claims to have been born into a “top” Illuminati family and ‘promised’ to Satan as a small child. She was later adopted, but her refusal to deny Jesus and accept Satan has caused her to have a life filled with torture, abuse and death threats at the hands of Luciferians. While Cait does have a social media presence prior to her association with Johnny, there is no mention of the occult. Another marked difference is Cait’s use of the name Hepzibah (Hepzi). Under this new name, she launches The River of Fire Fellowship and The Lion Triumphs Ministry. She also begins self-publishing a variety of books Even the most basic review of Cait demonstrates that she is resourceful and has profiles marketing herself as a model/actor, writer, editor and caregiver in addition to her role as a pastor. Until the current election there is little mention of politics, yet they now claim to have been spiritual advisors to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and even showcase written endorsements from them on their websites. Hepzi’s site bio also states she has been raised from the dead twice and is currently suffering from bone cancer. As you will see, her health plays an important role in all this.

The Mark

Those in the Resistance know Cait as ‘Hepzi’. My awareness of her began when she was brought into a Twitter activism direct message group as someone who knew ‘what was really going on’ with the election. She used the handle @OfficialNMP and claimed to be the co-founder of #NotMyPresident. She told a tale centering around Jacob Rothschild, The Illuminati and The New World Order. It was her contention that Donald Trump no longer wished to be President, but that he was forced to do so to protect his son, Barron, who was the victim of ongoing Satanic Ritual Abuse at the behest of Rothschild (a shapeshifter, no less). Needless to say, this story was met with shocked silence. It was so preposterous that it didn’t even warrant acknowledgment. However, Hepzi did not disappear from the Resistance, in fact, she kept reappearing—each time with an even larger number of followers—large increases that could not be organic and were not reflected in her post engagement. Another account, @InsideDJTTruth was created. This account was, supposedly, Robert Edward Rothschild (aka Robert Jackson Rothschild) – Hepzi’s boyfriend and Jacob Rothschild’s grandson. Of course, Jacob Rothschild’s lineage is public, and there is no record of a grandson named Robert. Nevertheless, Robert emerges on social media to tell his tale of long-term sexual abuse at the hands of Donald Trump. Despite the ‘conspiracy theory meets the occult’ nature of Hepzi’s story, she manages to become involved with burgeoning Resistance groups. She attempted to  connected with the Resistance Party, in fact, giving her account, @Americas_Party1, to bolster Parrish Beals after his falling out with that group. Parrish went on to form America’s Resistance Party. Hepzi emerged as a partner in website.

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Hepzi’s tales of conspiracy and odd social media behavior (bulk adding followers, multiple accounts, regularly deactivating, reactivating and transferring accounts) were enough to raise my suspicions. My first concern was that she was infiltrating the Resistance to spread disinformation or gain counter-intelligence. After this investigation, I no longer believe that is her motivation. Further, I have no reason to believe that activists who have partnered with her are fully aware of her scheme.

The Hook

So, how does someone peddling such sensational claims gain a foothold in circles of legitimate activism? Successful catfishing at this level requires significant skill at camouflaging, marketing, role playing, and emotional manipulation. Let’s examine how Cait uses these methods to gain acceptance.


In a social media based group such as the Resistance, camouflaging is pretty easy. News feeds are littered in posts of the same ilk. On Twitter, snippets of conversations are shown as individual tweets—unless one takes the time to thoroughly review someone’s timeline, there is little reason not to accept them purely on the basis that they are a like-minded individual. Direct message (DM) activism groups allow for more in-depth conversation, and Cait likely learned those would not be the best places to establish credibility. But, how do you bridge the gap from a ‘resistor’ to a leader in the Resistance? It takes more than retweeting anti-Trump posts.


Social media status is determined by the size of one’s following, therefore investing in large numbers of purchased followers is a shortcut to establishing credibility. Like @OfficialNMP, I noticed that @InsideDJTTruth was also adding bulk followers that could not be organic. Further, amid the influx of alt and rogue accounts that followed Trump’s silencing of federal agencies on social media, @InsideDJTTruth (‘Robert’) became Inside Trump’s Life (@RogueLeaks) and Johnny’s account became POTUS Leaks (@johnnyecstatic). This was a calculated move from a marketing standpoint. Despite their wild allegations, they were able to not just blend in, but tap into a popular trend, maintaining credibility as long as no one examined them too closely. An ‘official’ sounding name and tens of thousands of followers will result in follow backs from big Resistance accounts. This ‘endorsement’ from actual leaders in activism offers even more legitimacy.

Role Playing and Emotional Manipulation

While Hepzi does have a small core group of believers, the driving force behind her post engagement comes from fake accounts that exist to bolster her story. Based on writing styles, the @RogueLeaks account seems to be authored by both Cait and Johnny. Robert’s narrative is ever-evolving. Currently, he claims to be part of an impending sexual abuse lawsuit with 50 other people being brought against Trump, Bannon and Paul Ryan, to name a few. It is always right on the cusp of happening. Johnny (as POTUS Leaks) legitimizes his insider knowledge by claiming to be Donald Trump’s 3rd cousin, his current spiritual advisor, the ‘spiritual dad’ and ex-brother-in-law to the fictitious Robert. He gives his location as Washington D.C. – records show neither Cait nor Johnny have ever lived there. The combination of the three Twitter accounts reflect and validate one another’s legitimacy. They have similar arrangements on Facebook, and, as of yesterday, Robert has become an actual member of the Lion Triumph’s ministry-this on the heels of his explosive leak that Donald Trump molested his son, who has Down’s Syndrome, and made a porno tape about it. (I wish I was making this up). Facebook has shut down many of their accounts for being fake, but they keep creating new ones.

While the overarching narrative is extraordinary, Cait and Johnny have rooted their story in emotional truths—bullying, sexual abuse, PTSD and serious illness. Aside from political re-tweets, this is the bulk of their content. This emotional language serves two purposes: 1) it fosters empathy/sympathy and 2) it serves as a defense against criticism. The character of Robert, for instance, is suicidal due to being triggered by seeing Donald Trump in the media all the time. Any pushback on their story is met with reference to another suicide attempt. This is particularly interesting since ‘Robert’ already died on November 9, according to social media references. Now that he is alive again, he is quite useful for reflecting and supporting Hepzi’s claims.

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Reviews of Hepzi’s social media circles reveal that she is quite a sick young woman, apparently, afflicted with 4th stage bone cancer, AIDS, and a brain tumor. To make matters worse, she is continually harassed and threatened by the likes of Paul Ryan, Steve Bannon, members of the “Trump cult” and, even, 100 or so people in the Resistance. People who question her story are bullying her, making fun of her for being a pastor or for having cancer, or threatening her life. Hepzi spends a fair amount of time elaborating on this in Facebook Live videos.

The Con

At first glance, it is difficult to imagine that many people would be taken in by a story as absurd as this one. If it is truly just a way to get attention, why spend money purchasing followers for multiple accounts? @OfficialNMP is not the first large account she has developed this way (@popomondo was apparently stolen by Richard Spencer and given to a Turkish woman—add the alt-Right to the list of Hepzi’s harassers). In my opinion, all this catfishing is designed to get money and opioid pain medication.

Cait and Johnny have gofundme, givesendgo, and givesforward pages and a paypal account for donating directly to their ministry. They assert these donations are tax-deductible, yet their ministry is not a listed charitable organization in CA, TN or GA. The GA address associated with their domain registration is not an actual address.

The money raised for the ministry pays for the associated costs of their Revival Tours. They recently visited Hawaii on such a mission where they claim to have saved 400 people. In addition to travel costs, money raised is also used to pay for Hepzi’s pain medication. Given that occultism is a central theme in their ministry, their existing donor pool is limited. This is where the Resistance comes in.

Cait’s strength is in one-on-one contact and she pushes for personal interaction in all her accounts. She lists her phone number in her profile and encourages people to call or text her. She often asks people to private message her on social media. After publishing my initial article, several sources contacted me about their engagement with Hepzi. It was clear pain management is a common topic—particularly that she can not afford pain medication. One source told me she actually asked if they could get pain medication for her. I can’t comment on the veracity of Hepzi’s health claims, but the treatments needed for metastasized bone cancer and full blown AIDS are very expensive and would pose a greater obstacle than the cost of narcotic pain relief. Further, anyone who has seen either disease would question her ability to travel on Revival tours while so afflicted.

When it comes to the Resistance, her scheme depends on people having only a partial picture of her story. One may view Hepzi as a fellow resistor, a Resistance leader, a pastor, a Christian, a survivor of sexual abuse, a cancer sufferer, or a political insider. At that point, she relies on interpersonal communication and the sympathy of others to achieve her goals. The deactivation periods of her social media accounts are designed to prompt people to contact her directly.

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On a personal note, I confess that I would have preferred not to have had to write this article. During her deactivation periods, I had hoped she would simply cease this farce. There are much more serious issues that need attention. That said, protecting the integrity of the Resistance and activists from fraud and exploitation are my priorities. I have sympathy for Cait. I think she is on a bad path, and I don’t think she got there on her own. I honestly hope this article results in those close to her getting her the help she needs.

Article Update – This article was sent to Bishop Tony Rivera of the Full Gospel Evangelistic Association (FEGA). This is who Hepzibah claims to be ordained with. With his permission, I am including his response:

God Bless,

Thank you for the information. We attempted for years to help Caitlyn/Hepzibah but finally cut all ties with her, and she is not ordained with us. In our last contact we pleaded with her to stop her deception and ask the Lord for forgiveness, but she just accused us of being part of the Illuminati and that we were satanic. I see that she responded to the article.

She is in God’s hands and He will deal with her.

And we will continue to keep it all in prayer.

In Christ,

Bishop Tony


Author’s note: I can assure you my research was very thorough. There is information I did not include in this article to preserve privacy. Doxxing is not the purpose of this article. Any comments that include contact information will be deleted. Thank you.

Charlatans Among Activists? Maintain a Level of Skepticism

Recently I wrote about the need to watch out for infiltrators in #TheResistance. In this article I will discuss a situation that raises a red flag and the reasons I feel skepticism is necessary. I want to be clear that it is not my intention to malign, accuse or ridicule, but to give guidance to fellow activists and supporters of #TheResistance.

In December, I became aware of a person, @OfficialNMP, who claimed to have ‘inside knowledge’ of the Trump family and the election. The tale she told was a full-throttle conspiracy theory — specifically, that billionaire, Jacob Rothschild, is responsible for Trump’s Presidency…as the leader of the New World Order. Take that, RWNJs, we see your Soros and raise you a Rothschild. Suffice it to say, the tale got stranger from there — ritual sex abuse, occult, Illuminati. It’s worth noting that it is her position that Donald Trump is POTUS against his will, but he must continue to protect Barron from continued ritualistic abuse. Somehow she managed to get brought into DM groups to tell this story, which is how I heard it. I ignored it at the time, figuring that peers would not believe it.

Recently, though, I noticed that there is an individual, @InsideDJTTruth, claiming to be her friend and Jacob Rothschild’s grandson, Robbie (Rothschild has no grandson by this name), who is echoing her tale and adding a personal account of abuse. He’s gaining followers pretty fast. @OfficialNMP has over 30K followers since December. Pretty impressive. She also lists her phone number in her profile, and encourages people to text her — that’s unusual.

My initial concern was that they are distracting and confusing activists and resisters by pulling them into this conspiracy nonsense. Let’s face it, we are all emotionally distraught, which makes us more vulnerable than normal. We desperately want answers. I was also wary about the phone number, as that is a way to get people’s contact information. But, there is one more factor. In her profile, she says to follow @KalenaVX (an account which has disappeared as of this writing), which leads you to a website This website is a joint project between @KalenaVX and @OfficialNMP and is not officially launched yet, but the purpose, ostensibly, is to create a repository of activities related to #TheResistance and promote cooperation across groups. Sounds good, right? It does, but because it is collecting information on the people and activities of #TheResistance, I decided it needed a closer look. This is what I found.

  1. The domain is privately registered. So whoever owns the site has gone out of their way to hide it.
  2. @KalenaVX seems to be the same person as @KalelVX and @UniteResistance. Why so many accounts, I don’t know.
  3. @OfficialNMP has been involved in a lot of things and gone by a lot of names. She is a young revivalist pastor. She has listed herself as an actor/model, author, editor, spiritual advisor (to Obama-she says) among other things. She is a YouTuber. She believes she is battling the occult and in the center of the Trump/Rothschild/New World Order conspiracy. Oh, and, vampires are real and Jacob Rothschild is a shapeshifter. Now, all this said, understand that I know a lot of people who are following her and/or in direct contact with her. I find that unsettling.

So, at the point of this writing, I find myself having to ask the question. Are these people who legitimately mean well and are trying to help #TheResistance, but just happen to be…mentally unhealthy? Or, is this a well-orchestrated effort to befriend activists, gather counter-intelligence and pepper confusion and fear into the movement? Either way, this is precisely the type of situation I mean when I ask members of #TheResistance to remain vigilant.

One final note: We are seeing a lot of “rogue” and “alt” accounts crop up. Some of these are the real deal and some are not. Approach information with logic and skepticism. We are only as good as the quality of our shared information.

Article Update: I was right to have concern about @OfficialNMP. I have conducted a full investigation of this account and found it to be involved in catfishing. @KalenaVX , @KalelVX and @UniteResistance are innocent bystanders and have no culpability. website is no longer associated with @OfficialNMP and is not a cause of concern. You may read the results of the investigation in this article, “Cait-fishing” In The Resistance – An Exposé – Rachel Murphy Azzara.

Infiltration in #TheResistance

#TheResistance must be vigilant. The #GOP conned their base by appealing to their emotions. They can and do use the same methods on us. Be cautious of individuals and organizations that are infiltrating our groups to gain counter-intelligence. If it seems off, it likely is. Generally, an infiltrator has four goals:

  1. Gather contact information of Democrats, #HRC Supporters or members of #TheResistance for marketing purposes or harassment
  2. Perform oppositional research on groups and leaders and keep tabs on our activities and knowledge
  3. Exploit fear and anxiety to discourage action, particularly the fear of retribution or violence
  4. Foster distrust and division within #TheResistance and within the Democratic Party

Take note of who one is following and who is following them. What type of information do they share? Do they refer you to a website that is gathering any kind of data? Are they trying to directly gather information? Asking people to email or text them? This is a low-cost method of gathering contact data. Be wary of anyone who claims to have insider knowledge that they can’t tell you because ‘it’s not safe’ or making vague claims they can’t validate.

Remember, fear, anger and anxiety is normal, but it makes us vulnerable targets for those who wish to bait us into giving up personal information that could potentially be used to undermine our efforts. Stay Strong! Stay Aware!

For a more detailed examination of Infiltration in the Resistance and what you can do about it, please read my article in Dame Magazine:  How Can The Resistance Ward Off Infiltrators?

Was the 2016 Election About ‘Movements’? 

Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump described their campaigns as ‘movements’ this election cycle, but there is more to a movement than filling venues. They generated excitement with campaigns high on emotional ideology, but low on policy. Hillary Clinton’s base, in turn, was deemed unenthusiastic. No one declared that the Clinton had a ‘movement.’ She had a plan, the most progressive Democratic platform ever and policies mandated by 68M voters. The party-line of the aforementioned ‘movements’ is that Americans want change. “Give up, switch gears, start over-it’s not working.” 

Hillary Clinton supporters want progress. We want to continue working hard to improve our policies, learn from mistakes, revise and build. Bernie’s ideas excite us, too. But, we have enough respect for our European friends to know their socialized systems took decades to perfect. We also respect that our generations who lived through the Cold War have a negative view of socialism in any form. Change takes time. 

Trump did manage to generate enough excitement to mobilize his base to vote, but this is the purpose of a campaign-not exactly a movement. With an Electoral College win of less than 77K votes, it wouldn’t have been enough to win without the other election factors that resulted in low Democratic voting. The #GOP gerrymandered, the FBI electioneered, and the Russians set out to divide the party. They succeeded. They are still succeeding. 

We have seen the worst possible outcome unfold before us. The true ‘movement’ is our response. #TheResistance #WomensMarch #Indivisible exemplify a true movement. This movement is powerful and widespread. It calls people to awareness and action for a common cause. Organized activism is our new normal. Bernie supporters who either did not vote or voted against #HRC are now part of a movement that is bigger than a candidate and campaign. It is my sincere hope that the factions created in this election not only come together to #resist, but to unify the Party for progress. Because a movement of this size and commitment can accomplish anything.