GOP Electors: Is Your Party Worth It?

As members of the @ElectoralCollege, you are the guards that stand between citizens and dangerous leadership. The actions of Trump during his campaign and time as #PEOTUS are such that no reasonable person would be without severe reservation. 65.5M citizens chose #HRC over Trump. That’s a 2% majority-more than the population of 14 states. She is nearing a record level of votes. These are voters who chose her policies on economy, education, mental-health, autism, and so much more. Voters who actively rejected Trump’s policies.

To ignore the will of the US citizens who are in this large of a majority is unprecedented, and it will assuredly damage our country. If you are so willing to put your political party before the people of this country, then, my question is-does your party deserve it?

Trump did not just happen to the #GOP. He was the end result of a path they had been on for a long time. Some expressed outrage, but, in the end they allowed him to be the standard bearer.

The #GOP has stood back and watched the intensifying of racial division. They stood behind Trump as white-supremacists claimed his views reflected their own. They img_0976allow him to crudely disparage, say nothing about his corruption. They turn a blind eye to his ignorance and endless lying. They let him fear-monger about our friends and neighbors. They allow his paranoid rhetoric to go unchallenged.

The party of ‘family values’ stood by this man as he denigrated women and spoke of sexual assault. They ignored more than a dozen women who came forward to say his words were more than locker-room banter, sharing experiences of sexual abuse, assault, even child rape.

Perhaps most shocking, the #GOP allowed interference in our election by an adversarial foreign power-the depth of which we still do not know. Instead of protecting our country, they utilized the leaks of hacked information and knowingly spread misinformation, even allowing Trump to encourage Russia to continue hacking his opponent. They didn’t care because it was to their benefit.

They let him lie and pander to middle America, promising jobs he can’t deliver because technology isn’t going away, and neither is the global economy. They watched as the low-information voter was transformed into the misinformed voter by Russian trolls and alt-Right fake news.

Why would the GOP lower themselves to such a degree? Why would they openly disenfranchise voters through suppression campaigns and vote purges? Why would they put every person in this country in the hands of this imbecile of low-character?

Why would they allow him to obsessively rant about rigged elections, and then attempt to block the citizens who are asking for validation through #recounts and #AuditTheVote?

Why would @SpeakerRyan say he had not seen any evidence of hate crimes in Trump’s name when they were reported all over the country? Why would @jasoninthehouse refuse to investigate Trump’s Russia ties when he wasted millions in endless investigations against #HRC?

Why are they allowing him to bypass intelligence briefings and protocol, allowing his conflicts to go unchecked, placing every citizen in this country at risk?

For power? I must ask, do the ends truly justify the means? Are you willing to sacrifice the trust of citizens, the integrity of our country, and the fate of our children to further empower the #GOP?

This is the reality. We are in crisis. People in this country are scared, angry, alienated-your party let this happen-you have the power to make it right. The people of the US have chosen their path and their leader. Do not sacrifice us to a demagogue or the party that supported him.