Reclaiming Patriotism

There has been a trend for some time for conservatives to consider themselves the staunch defenders of patriotism. They shake their heads and fly their flags in response to social change in today’s times just as they did through the cvil rights movements. Fear of progressive change is masked behind the idea that any criticism of current ideas and policy is, in and of itself, an unpatriotic act.  Nevermind that America was founded on the idea of free expression and disaffection with the establishment. In this age of instant communication, the connotation of patriotism within conservative politics has become even more warped.  What was a basic fear of change, has morphed into the more insidious ideologies of nationalism, racism, even mysogony. The 2016 election cycle has brought this distorted view of patriotism into stark relief against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign.

American FlagA quick dive into social media demonstrates that the majority of Trump supporters are primarily relying on non-mainstream “news” resources and blogs to bolster their ideas.  Many of the sites they post articles from are heavily laden with conspiracy theories and thinly veiled white nationalism.  They operate in a fact-free zone and are no more legitimate that a supermarket tabloid.  Yet, so many gravitate toward these sources. Why? Because these sites are designed to appeal to a conservative’s existing sense of entitlement toward patriotism.  Disinformation sites such as InfoWars and Breitbart provide the content which is then disseminated through pseudo-patriotic channels such as The Federalist Papers, The Powdered Wig Society, and True Pundit, to name a few. A literal deluge of misinformation is spread across social media this way, wrapped up nicely in full patriotic regalia.

In this form of conservative patriotism, the American ideologies of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and equal rights are disparaged, while the right to bear arms is of singular importance.  The vision of America as a safe harbor for immigrants where freedom and opportunity is available to all is obscured by the fearful rhetoric of white nationalism.  Those who exercise the right to protest peacefully are villified as ungrateful haters.  None of this is true patriotism.

True patriotism is preserving the integrity of American ideals. True patriotism is respecting our differences and working together to find solutions for our ever-changing circumstances.  True patriotism is standing up and fighting for social justice for all Americans.  True patriotism is progressive by nature-it is always looking forward to a better future for everyone.

Author: razzara

Mother, strategist, writer, advocate, activist. My education is in Anthropology and Philosophy. I am the Founder and Director of Democrats Work For America, a political action committee supporting grassroots organizations and initiatives.

3 thoughts on “Reclaiming Patriotism”

  1. OK but who are we talking to hear? Most of these conservatives are convinced that they are making the country better, just as are the liberal. My take on it is the patriots are the ones that are willing to get involved in the political process. We will always have this tension between left and right, and there is never going to be a time when we don’t have to work like hell to protect what we see is our rights against seemingly dense opponents. Democracy is an experiment, and it might fail. Or it might succeed. Work like hell for the candidate of your choice.


    1. Political issues are arguably highly charged and emotional. From that standpont I understand what you are saying. But, from the standpoint of critical thinking and logical discourse, I don’t think it’s a simple wash of one person’s beliefs against another’s. Arguments can be constructed and decided as fallible or infallible.

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      1. You know actually I agree with you, because I’m a trained philosopher, but I don’t think making these kinds of rational appeals is going to speak to enough people to make a difference. They fed poison to Socrates. There is an arena of political discourse and action. I was just making the observation that good arguments aside, being in that arena and working fervently for our choice is really the heart of democracy and patriotism.

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